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You're not synthetic.


Why should your hormones be?


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The term bio-identical hormone replacement therapy means the hormones used are an exact replica of those produced by the human body, e.g., Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone, and are a safer alternative to the synthetic (not found in nature) hormones that are readily available on the market.


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Our goal at New Moon Health is to help restore your emotional, physical, and mental well-being by replacing the hormones lost through the aging process.  In the case of PMS, hormones are used some days of the month to balance the monthly hormone cycle which provides relief from PMS symptoms such as bloating, irritability, and depression. 

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The hormones Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone are present in both men and women.  It’s the relative amounts that differ.  These hormones drastically affect how you look, think, and feel and as you age they decline giving you uncomfortable symptoms and physical changes at levels you may not be aware of.  Hormones replaced in Menopause, Perimenopause, and Andropause depend on your individual needs as assessed by symptoms, personal history, family history and saliva tests.


New Moon Health Assessment Process

If you're curious about assessing your hormone health, our multidisciplinary approach offers the following:

Step 1 Complete a symptom sheet, scan it and email it to for a free preliminary evaluation of your hormone health. The symptom sheet can also be faxed to 604-985-8842.

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Step 2
If you decide to proceed with the program, you'll be asked take a saliva test to determine your hormone levels and complete an assessment form which provides a complete history.
Step 3 A Clinical Pharmacist's written recommendations for treatment with bioidentical hormones will be sent to your GP for approval. You'll be provided with a referral to a physician if desired.
Step 4 A Registered Nurse will meet with you, provide you with a treatment plan, show you how to use the bioidentical creams and answer any other questions you may have.
Step 5 You will be asked to repeat a saliva test at least annually to monitor your hormone levels. Ongoing consultation is available.

Let us help you restore your hormone balance (and your sanity).


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   The website is not a substitute for the advice of a physician, dietician, nutritionist, or other qualified nutritional, health, exercise or fitness professional.  Please use your own judgment, and seek the assistance, counsel and advice of your physician, nutritionist, dietician and other health professionals as needed. Information contained in is not a substitute for professional medical advice, health care services or a medical exam.